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“All the world’s a stage,

and we love to play on it.”

Click to play a recent brand story film created by Legend House for Marine Works. 


If you’re an entrepreneur or a player on the world stage, creativity is your currency.


You deal in ideas and innovation. Your brand’s greatest asset is the story it has to tell—that’s what the people want to hear. Let our team of creative specialists bring it to life in film, words, images, and music. 

We’ll define your brand story, craft your online presence, and capture your audience’s imagination.

In one of our most recent projects, the Legend House team are currently working with Mercedes-Benz and LSH Asia-Pacific on branding and marketing their latest development in Brisbane. This first-to-market concept is the flagship for future developments globally and Legend House are helping to define the narrative, name and identity of the building.


If you’re seeking sustainable growth, ready to take the stage as a speaker, or chasing next-level opportunities, we’ll elevate your pitch and profile so you can play with the right people. If you’re launching, re-branding, or levelling up your marketing, we’ll weave your message into an irresistible story that will draw in a flock of devoted followers. 

We’ll customise inventive marketing to spotlight your message on any platform.


Our suite of creative services includes brand story creation, visual branding, website design and the craft of online presence, creative copywriting, and film production.

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